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Little Lou
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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Spring 2012 Mom & Me Debut! Not just for toddlers anymore!

As most of you know this past year I started homeschooling my 6 year old in 1st grade and I have 2 little one’s at home that are 3 and 1.  It was clear that God intended me to take on yet another year of Mom & Me and I was ready to go until God came to me with some new twists.  Part of what God is sharing with me is, do life with more purpose and less busyness.  So take on my 2nd year of Mom & Me and this time do it with purpose!  I debated on just planning events for my two toddlers and my older one would just tag along.  But why not plan events that would be great for all ages and educational (I actually had no idea how much this little twist would reveal).  Off we went into the fall of 2011.  I had no idea that there were so many other moms’ in the community that needed that too.   

In September we headed to a field trip to HEB Market Street & Brown Bag Lunch at Market Street Fountains.  I booked it through and it turned out to be a little lame- I think it was the young gentleman that led our tour and his inexperience.  The dairy section went something like this.  "This is our dairy department.  It has lots of calcium that is good for you-like in milk."  Really guy?  But is had lots of tasty treats and very good company.

October was a Mom & Me and Dad too event to TGR Exotics - Pumpkin Patch and so much more!  If you have not been to this place it's awesome.  Since it is so large I need to figure out a way to be closer to our group but holding a baby joey and petting belching camels was great!

A few of the sweet Wegner girls!
Sweet baby kangaroo.

Daddy playing in the corn with Little Lou.
November we met at The Teddy Bear Park to distribute out Jesse Advent Tree ornaments.  This was awesome.  We had 19 mom's involved and our kids sure enjoyed opening gifts each  morning of December and the devo that followed.

Our December event, the Birthday Party for Jesus had over 150 people in attendance!   As I made close to 100 cupcakes and tons of other goodies Richard kept coming in the kitchen to ask "How many people are going to be there?"  I really had no idea.  Maybe 30 no 150!  The mentor group even joined in and got to fellowship with tons of new mom's.  I sure do hope they join us for more events.   Here are a few pics of the crazy, organized chaos day.

 I can not wait until next year! 

I continue to be in awe at how big God is and I am ready go.  We hope you’ll join us in the spring of 2012!  

Our new mission statement!
Mom & Me will be a group of mom’s that fellowship together with a common goal of passionately raising disciples of Christ (no matter what age) with the purpose of encouraging each other to savor our now life always no matter how crazy now is!

Now off to 2012............Any reservation required can be done by replying to this post, at the women's ministry counter or the Facebook M&M invites   Click here to  go to the FB page.!/groups/152621641484006/

Furs, Feathers & Fins Petsmart Field trip
Friday, Jan. 27th @ 10am
Portofino Location - Shenandoah, TX
Reservation required- kids of all ages are welcome.

Kids of all ages will develop an understanding of:
  • Proper care and respect for animals
  • Diverse habitats
  • Environmental issues and species survival
Lanier Theological Library Field Trip
Tuesday, February 21st @ 10am
We will be meeting at the Library @ 10am.

This place is very unique!  A Christian trial lawyer won a significant lawsuit against a tobacco company and built this awesome Library.  But is so much more.  I spoke to the tour guide yesterday and he was telling me about the paintings on the ceiling that tell Bible stories.  There are also lots of animals that live on the premises like lemurs and kangaroos!
We will be meeting there at 9:45am
It is located in the Champions area - 14130 Hargrave Road - Houston, TX 77070

Planning party for the Super Summer Challenge & Brown Bag Lunch
Wednesday, March 21st @ 10am
Teddy Bear Park - Oak Ridge North
We will be gearing up for the summer by planning out the great summer challenge.  Based on the book Super Summer Challenge by Linda Wicks.  We will start the beginning stages of developing our plan for our purposeful summer with all of our kids at home ALL day with us.  The big picture will be to create spiritual, mental and physical goals tailored to each child and a big end of the summer bash to celebrate.  I'm very excited to organize this and can't wait to jump right in.  I don't think it is necessary to purchase the book but here is the link to the website.  There are also tons of Christian blogs out there that have done this and posted about it.
If you would email me your kids ages and genders I'll make sure and have lots of suggestions of specific goals for you kiddos!

Dewberry Farms Field Trip and Brown Bag lunch
Wednesday, April 11th @ 10am
The cost is $6/per person.  2 and under are free.  The normal cost is $12/person!
Dewberry Farms offers so much fun and education while were at it.

Admission includes.....
Corn Maze, Barrel Train Ride, Fort DewHickey, Hay Mountain, Giant Roller Slide, Black Mamba,
Rubber Duck Races, Pig Races, Windmill Park with games, Farmer Flinger and Little Farmersville.
Pumpkins and Bees, if you please!
Take a wagon ride to the pumpkin patch. Learn why bees are needed to grow pumpkins. We also talk about the different varieties of pumpkins, gourds and squash. Students will be able to pick their own 'kid-sized' pumpkin from the field.
The Cackle Palace: Sing it to me, Ladies!
Learn the difference between chickens and roosters and why some eggs are brown, some are white, and some have polka dots. Also, learn different names for chickens: hens, roosters, pullets, cocks, etc.
Dewberry Farm's Barnyard Babies
Our barnyard has grown by leaps and bounds. It's home to baby chickens (chicks), baby rabbits (kits) and baby goats (kids).
Students have the opportunity to feed goats and visit with other animals in the barnyard, like a miniature donkey, guineas, and turkeys.

There are also tons of other activities that cost $5 and under but when we went a couple of years ago I can't imagine adding more to the day!
Reservation is required. 

Mom & Me and Dad too Moorhead Blueberry Farms
Saturday, May 26th early in the morning (opens @ 7am)
This is the opening weekend for blueberry picking and it is awesome!  Last year the price was $2.00 per pound of organic blueberries.  I know my price for buying blueberries in the store (non-organic) is $2/8oz container.  This is $2 for 16oz.  We pick as many as we can until the kids melt and have enough for almost a year.  We freeze them!  Click here to check them out

Let me know if you have any questions!

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