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Little Lou
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Friday, August 3, 2012

A Little Trip Disney Style

We have been truly blessed by Richard's business that gives it's advisors opportunities to earn trips-crazy awesome trips.  It took a few years to qualify but I think it makes us appreciate it so much more.  This trip was a Disney Cruise to the Bahamas!

Cast off party on the main deck.

The plane to Orlando was amazing!  Touch screen and directv.  Made for a fast flight.

Boarding the big boat!

The chandelier in the foyer of the boat.

Mom take a picture of that real pirate boat!!

Goofy Golf on the top deck!

Heading out to sea!  Dolphins were swimming by the side of the boat.

Happy Birthday Frita!

The kids play in the activity center!

Frita's bed actually came down from the ceiling.

Notice the room divider (a curtain).  It was a first for us-all in one room.

Snow  Sand Angel- Can you tell we're from Texas?

Heading to Nassau
A little straw market.
Ah Starbucks!  My one pet peave is descent coffee on vaca.

 So back when we honeymooned in the Bahamas we took the public transportation.  Only $1/person to ride along with Bob Marley.

The hugemongous bridge that I thought was a good idea to walk over with the kids to see Atlantis.  Needless to say we took a cab back to the boat.

Pirate Night on the boat.

Every night we'd come home to a different critter made out of  towels.  The monkey was defintely my fave.

 The kids slide.  Frita is going forward and Bub is not.   Poor guy.

My big 4 year old!!

This was the last night and poor Bub did not eat much.  Little did we know we would wake up to a little man throwing up in our bed.  Let's just say we had fun going through customs, the 1 hour to the airport, 5 hours waiting for our flight and 2 hour flight home was not documented.  Survival mode took over and we made it home in one piece!

And then there was Pappasito's. 

Grammy got to hang with Sam all week. 

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