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Little Lou
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The Stockpile!
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Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Of course a belly cake.
 My Little Pony cakes,
 Wedding shower cake.
 Another belly cake.
 A groomsman cake where the groom owns a company that paves parking lots.  Was super fun to make.
 Jungle baby shower cake.
 Baby boy shower cake.
 A 60th birthday cake set.
 My very first cake.  It was somewhat of a disaster!

 This is still to this day my favorite cake.  Ms. Alligator.
 Toy Story birthday cake.
 My kids duel birthday cake.
 Skull & Crossbones birthday cake.
 Mexican birthday party.  This is round 2 of this cake since the first one fell apart.  At least it was my kids birthday =)

Lingerie Shower cake.
Retirement Party for a bus driver.

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