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Saturday, August 27, 2011

The first week of school! Oh what a week!

So I spent weeks preparing and preparing for the first week of this year of homeschool.  My oldest is extremely strong and I felt in order for first grade to go well that......
#1 I had to appear to know what I was doing
#2 Keep her moving so as to distract from her strong urge for control and
#3 Try my best to keep my patience in check.  
We started school on the same day as her public school friends and I was ready to go!  I got up a little early, was completely ready before the kids got up and snapped some pics of the room.  Next up get them dressed, fed, take "First Day of School" pictures and off we "would" go.  I was prepared and in control.  Richard hadn't left for work yet with a flexible schedule - thank goodness.  I ran into my bedroom for I don't remember what now because the next 30 minutes frankly was absolutely nuts! 
Shrieks came from the living room from Frtia "The dogs are throwing up!"  I immediately ran in and said "BOTH dogs?" No it wasn't both dogs but it was sweet Dixie (10 year old Boston Terrier) throwing up multiple times BUT it was not just throw up- she had eaten poop!  WORST thing to clean up- the absolute worst thing!  I quickly rushed her outside and turn around and Bub is gagging mid-living room.  Oh Lord really?  Poor guy has had the worst gag reflex from day one.  Off he was sent to some hard floor and I ran for the little green machine (small steam cleaner).  Again thank God Rich was still home so he could divert the kids from "helping" me.  I finally got it cleaned up and went to dump the dirty water and I'm not sure what happened but I poured it down my legs.  It is a little funny now but it was not good timing for Richard to start laughing.  As I finished washing off and mopping (not the chore of the day) I realized that I was not in control of anything and that it took complete chaos for me to recognize that God is in control and I am NOT.  I had been so worried about how bad the day could go!  What if she won't listen to me?  What if it is a fight every second of the day?  What if I can't occupy Little Lou (18 M old)?  Ha the rest of the day was quickly put into perspective!  And honestly it was pretty smooth all week.  I think there will always be a challenge trying to occupy little on without turning on the tv but hey at least I don't have throw up water running down my legs, right?  
    This is our school/play room.  I have tried to stick to the rule "if it doesn't have a home it has to go."  It took awhile to get the kids to buy into the rule but when they did it was so worth it.  On the inside of the boxes there are pictures and words of what belongs in the box.  

We are using Sonlight this year for both Frita (1st grade) and Bub (P3/4).  I removed an entire cubby of toys in order to put our books for homeschool and the kids have yet to miss them.  I pull all the books for that week along with all the worksheet etc and they seem to all fit in this one cubby.

 Art work on display and a swing that a year later is finally getting some use.

Words of the week and letters of the day.
First Day of School Pics

     Pre-chaos picture with an "in control" mom!
 Rich has taken up a tradition that he saw his dad do growing up.  The first year of school Rick bought each of his daughter's a necklace (the first one had one silver bead) each first day of school that followed he added a bead.  Frita felt very special, something Rich is great at!  Best cheerleader ever.
 Grammy made an appearance to help take care of the kids while I went to our Fall Kick Off at church and Rich had to work late.  She sure does love those grandbabies!
 Our first science experiment!  How magnets work.
That IKEA table is in serious need of a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser!

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