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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Card Pictures

Most everyone should have gotten their Christmas cards by now so I'll post a few pics from our photo shoot.  Mama De, our professional photographer/MIL, delivered a awesome performance once again!

A little while back we had breakfast in the park with our adult community at Terramont Park.  Love this place for photo shoots.  Lots of good backdrops.

My sweet babes!  Gidget the dog even made the pic.

I stole this pose from Pinterest.  Rich even studied the picture and posed perfect.  Bub is trying to imitate Dad without any prompting.  I love how much he loves his Daddy!  I am so proud of Richard's Daddy skills!

I think it is important to have some lovey dovey pictures of a husband and a wife.   Perfect framing of the shadow.

Can't believe both agreed to this and did it so well.

My beauty that is getting way too big!

The beginning of many more to come silhouette pictures.

I'm also a fan of walking pics.  Bub had to go to the bathroom in this pic and so every time he see's it he says that's when I had to pee.  Oh the memories.

We were on a disc golf course so we had to watch for flying objects. 

This one almost never stops smiling.  She wakes up this way.  God made her with a heart full of joy!

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