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Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas with the Johnson's and Russell's and Trammell's!

It was so fun to go spend some time with all of Richard's side of the family for an early Christmas.  10 adults and 10 kids all in all.  Kids ranged from 8 years to 11 months and a surprise one on the way! 

Getting all 10 to sit still look the same way and smile is almost impossible but we got real close!  But Bub's cousin that's 4 weeks younger is a little trickster.  Bribery by candy and popsicle worked- a little.   This is what happened about every 30 seconds during the attempted photo shoot.

And then he was swooped up and set back in his chronological order in line.  Too funny.  The kids- young and old had a blast rolling down the levy.

This year we decided instead of exchanging presents we would as a family make manna bags to hand out to the homeless.  Each family contributed their portion and we divided it all up.  It will be a blessing for the kids to see us help out someone in need. 

So Frita had a loose tooth before we went to the Trammell's and for some reason she said I need to pray that I don't lose my tooth while I'm there.  Well in fact she did not lose her front tooth that was loose but did lose the one that wasn't.  She was full sprint across the yard and teeth first into a chair- voila one missing tooth.  We did find it and tooth fairy did make an appearance.
It was quite tramatic and the scrapes and bruises are begining to appear but not she is learning to do all kinds of tricks.

Sweet cousin saying see I've lost my teeth too!

Christmas cookies for 3 generations!

Oh the snuggling around the ipod!

We had just enough characters to reenact the Christmas story.  Aunt Julia read the script and Uncle Ben was a stand in wise man.  So fitting.

Mary and Gabriel- yes we know it is not the correct gender but I don't think any of the boys would have been up for pink wings.

And baby Trammell woke up just in time to play the part of Jesus.  He was such a champ laying in that box.

Everyone wanted to love on Jesus!  Good thing Mom was close by.

Opening of the presents, a quick ride around the neighborhood to look at lights and dinner rounded off our evening. 

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