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Little Lou
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The Stockpile!
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Saturday, November 26, 2011

October-Halloween, the pumpkin patch & a few random pics


We headed to TGR Exotics (a place that raises animals for zoos) for their annual pumpkin patch event. 


Painting pumpkins!

A few of the Wegner girls joined us for a Mom & Me & Dad too event.

The baby joey was so sweet.  I could have held her all day.  Poor Bubba is surrounded by too many lovey dovey girls!

Kisses! The camels were awesome!  So cute until they burped- one of the rankest smells!

Playing in the corn with Daddy!

This was a good effort to try and get some good pictures - at least the kids enjoyed climbing in a tree even if Bubba had a broken arm.

The Ladies!

Me and my Bub.

These two set up this seating area for some cartoon viewing.  Poor Bubba glasses (bifocals by the way), a patch (only 2 hours a day buy the camo motif helps) and a cast.  He's such a champ.

A little bit of team work and the main reason I mop when the kids aren't around.

The Cryer's hosted our annual small group (not so small anymore- about 10 couples and 27 kids!) I love our Christian Family!!

So Bubba wanted to be God's Mighty Warrior for Halloween and I thought it would be a great idea to make the kids costumes this year, thank you Martha Stewart.  They lasted about half-way through the first Halloween event.  Oh well they were cute while they lasted.

My little dragon- made out of striped tights (plus size halloween ones b/c they were cheaper than the fuscia kids tights), gold foil cupcake holders, kitchen sponges and a little glue.  She loved her tail.

We did not tell Bubba that knights slay dragons.

Frita was so regal in her princess costume made from trashbags, a white plastic table cloth, doilies, tape, staples and glue.  Bubba's costume was made out of foil, mini foil cupcake holders (about 100!), pie pans, casserole pans and lot of hot glue (I burned my fingers many many times)!

Next up was Trunk or Treat at Faith Bible Church!  And now enters the back up, recycled bird costumes.  Bubba was the peacock.

Little Lou was an awesome chicken!  She added her own waddle!

Flamingo, Peacock and Chick!  My flock of birds.

A whole lot of "uppy" and poor chick did not understand that she wasn't supposed to eat each piece of candy before the went to the next house.  She did stand at each door until they gave her 2 portions.  She knows how to work a crowd and fearless!

Heading out on a chilly day.  They looked too cute to not snap this picture!

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