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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Birthday Party for Jesus! Wait til you see this.

Mom & Me at Faith Bible Church in The Woodlands is hosting a birthday party for Jesus on
Tuesday, December 6th
@ 10am in the gym. 

First let me start out with this is for anyone who would like to join us! 
We would love to have you!!!

For those of you who know me I thrive a little on the craftiness of it all and since I have shut down all my extracurricular crafty business (cakes, sewing and such) I will be going a little crazy on Christmas this year.  I have wanted to host a birthday party for Jesus for a few years now and this year it is going to happen and BIG!

I have a tentative schedule of activities and partly need a couple of volunteers/donated items and partly to entice you come.

The Christmas Story Skit
         Characters and Needs - by the way we need volunteer actors.
  • Mary - pillow case, strechy head band/ribbon- Abby Stevens- girl
  • Joseph - pillow case, strechy head band - Emily Sanders- boy
  • Lambs - I'm thinking white or black outfit, ears, black nose and maybe a tail (As many as we can get)
  1. Mikey Johnson -girl
  2. Kaitlin Lipe- girl 
  3. Jennifer Hunter - boy
  • Animals- Cow(s)- ears, nose, tail?, donkey, camel, a cat?
  1. Cat- Jennifer F.- girl
  2. Cow-
  3. Camel-
  4. Donkey-
  • Angels - 3 - any fairy wings out there?  White pillow case?  Must bring a flash light.
  1. Mikey Johnson- girls
  • Shepard boy- maybe a staff- Emily Sanders - boy
  • Kings - 3 crowns - I have some yellow foam ones
  1.   Mikey Johnson - boy
  2.   Angel Frank - Boy
  3.   Tara Edwards - Boy
  • Star carrier - I'll provide the star
  • Thinking it would be neat to make a manger out of a big box- anyone just get a new fridge or washer?
  • Anyone have hay?    
Crafts and Fun

Handprint snowmen ornaments - Andrea Carrier
     NEED - someone with a small amount of talent to draw hats, noses and scarves on the hands and assist the kids in putting their hand prints on the balls.  I will have a pattern and it is really easy.

Christmas Photo booth Shoot - Kaitlin Lipe

     NEED a photographer - I'll provide the camera.
     Props will include -
  • Frosty the snow man hat and nose
  • Santa beard and hat
  • Elf ears and hat
  • Reindeer antlers and red or black nose
  • Missletoe- Mommy kisses only =)
Cocoa Cones- Tara Edwards
NEED some one to assist the kids.
A craft for the kids to do!

Paper Bag Antler hat-Angel Frank
I only have the girl picture but I will have both girls and boys!
NEED someone to assist the kids

Christmas Lacing Cards
For the little ones.  Just a fun craft to do.

Pretty sure the mom's will be able to figure this out without help.
Pine Cones + Poms

We will be going on a pine cone hunt in the next couple of days!

Oh and let us not forget the yummy snacks and hot cocoa with marshmallow snowmen!

I will be in heaven getting all the last ends together.  Please spread the word and let me know if you have any questions!


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