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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Advent Project with Mom & Me at Faith Bible Church - Latest sign ups.

As of Monday, November 13th at 2:00pm this is the latest!  I will continue to update this as people sign up. 
We will be meeting at Teddy Bear Park on Mon, Nov. 14th @ 9am to exchange the ornaments and potentially do some wrapping.  Details about that closer to the date.
For those of you who aren't real familiar with this here's the low down...
There's a book called Advent Jesse Tree by Dean Lambert Smith that leads you through, with you children, daily devotionals from December 1st through Christmas (by the way for each day there is an adult and a child devo in case you are worrying that it might be a bit juvenile for you fam).  As you go through each day there is an ornament that coordinates with the devotional.  Once you "have" all 25 ornaments you will wrap them and label them 1-25.  In the past these ornaments have gone on the kids mini tree but it works just as well if you don't have one.   Ideally it would be great if we have 25 ladies involved so each lady would make 25  of the same ornament and then we trade off. 

Below is a list of the daily ornaments along with suggestions that I have done in the past.  If there is no suggestion and you have one either run with it or reply and give me a suggestion b/c clearly I had no good ideas and printed off a picture last time.

Since I'm going to type is so many times hobby lobby will be abbreviated HL.  BEFORE you read through this.  These suggestions are just that suggestions and I (insanely) decided it would be more economical for me to do them all and pass them out last time.  NUTS RIGHT?    First I think it is very possible to get 25 ladies involved and if not I don't mind taking up the slack.  Second please don't spend a lot of money.  Last time I did this by myself for about 20 sets and spent about $25 for all of it so if you spend $5 that would be a ton of money- do a little searching and creative thinking.  I also have pre-cut ribbons that work great for the loop for the hook a ton of them really.  And about 20 glue guns so if you need to borrow please ask. 

Things highlighted in RED are already taken.

Day     Symbols
1           a globe or picture of earth - the mini key chain globes work but in the end I ended up printing a picture off for the ornament  -Jennifer Evans
2           an apple and a snake wrapped around it.  In the xmas section of hobby lobby (HL) are tiny apple ornaments and then I got snake stickers (in the scrapbook section) and attached them.  Nichole Langford
3.          an ark w/ a rainbow. Karen Branch
4.          a camel and a tent. 
5.          a lamb.  HL has small wooden lambs that could be painted and then I glued a place for a hook -Andrea Carrier
6.         a ladder.  HL has small craft sticks.  I cut them and glued them to look like a ladder and then I glued a place for a hook.  I still have these craft sticks so whoever signs up for this one let me know and I'll get them to you. Nichole Langford
7.          a colorful coat.  I used an old piece a material that I sewed the edges together and then a loop for a hook.  I bet joanns has some colorful super cheap fabric for this.  Ashley Rubli
8.         a tablet with 10 letters.  Beige card stock cut in the shape of the ten commandment tablets and then I wrote roman numerals 1-10 on them- somewhat of a fetch.  Emily Sanders
9.          a cluster of grapes.  HL has purple clusters of glitter grapes.  I took them apart and had 4-5 each and then a loop for a hookMelissa Montgomery
10.       a sheaf of wheat.  Michaels has bunches of what I think i wheat in the dried floral area- attached a loop for hook. Kaitlin Lipe
11.      a sling shot.  This was printed but wouldn't be so hard to make a tiny one.  Lisa Veach
12.       a scroll or Bible.  I used off white card stock and rolled it up sealed it with hot glue and tied a very thin gold rope around it. Jenny McMillian
13.     a stump with a fresh shoot or green leaf.  This can be a small stick with and artificial leaf glued to it.  I have 8 bazillion artificial leafs so let me know and I'll get them to you.  Andrea Irby
14.     a lion and a lamb. Jennifer Evans
15.      a dove and a crown.  This came from the wedding section of HL and same thin gold rope glued to it's head with a loop for a hook.Mikey Johnson
16.      a lamb and a shepherd's staff.  This was a candy cane to represent the Shepard's staff with a loop for a hook. Lisa Veach
17.      a cross.  I think this was in the paint the wood area.  Very small unfinished cross then attached a loop for a hook.  I have 4 crosses leftover from last time.  Kaitlin Lipe
18.     a heart with writing on it.  I used tiny red balls in the miniature ornament section and then wrote Jer 31:33 w/ gold paint pen on it.  Abby Stevens
19.   a Bethlehem town silhouette with a star.  Tara Edwards
20.    a fiery furnace.  This was pretty dense red shiny garland that I cut and tied in to balls then attached a loop for a hook.  Lisa Veach
21.      a brick wall.  Jenny McMillian
22.     a star.  Again with the miniature ornament section. I think they were gold. Angel Frank
23.      a candle or light.  I just bought votives and each mom can put it in a holder and light it while you are reading the devo. Abby Stevens
24.      an angel.  I think this was from the miniature ornament section but it may have been the wedding section.  Very tiny plastic white and then attached the loop for a hook.  Sarah Morgan
25.       a baby in a manger or a nativity scene.  In HL there is a section of kids Christmas crafts and there was a stamp that had the manger scene.  I let the kids stamp each other hands. Mikey Johnson

If anyone wants I can but small boxes in bulk or at least find some super cheap ones and we can have a wrapping party.

Feel free to forward this on and please let me know if you have any questions.  No need to be a member of Faith to participate.


  1. Mikey, I'd really like to be involved in this. Is this an event? Will everyone get together at some point to exchange the ones we've made? You can FB message me. -Sarah Morgan

  2. Sure thing Sarah! I forgot to add the exchange date. I'll put this in the post but we are meeting at Teddy Bear Park on Mon. Nov. 14th @ 9am to exchange. Depending on how early we get the list full of ladies we potentially will be doing a wrapping party that day. If you can not make that day- you would just get your ornaments to me before and I'll get your package of all 25 ornaments to you.